Visit mij new site! I’ll see you there.

Coming Soon

I graduated from  the AKV.St Joost!! I actually did a great job in presenting it with the help of Teachers like Prezi :). Through making this movie I learned I like making puppets, sets and props the most. This is the proces I spend the most time on, I hope it shows.

Attention All!

I’m giving a presentation about my animation short AND for everyone who’s interested I’m giving the sneak preview! Then the best thing is…

YOU are invited to this event! And with that, I can really use the support! (So please come!)

It’s on the 21th of January, 1600h, at the AKV St. Joost in Breda.

See you there!  😀

I’m a model

The school wanted to sent a notification to all the new students about te new schoolyear. It will be a card with my project and me. Strange to pretent to work and know that someone is taking pictures. I don’t like it, but it’s over now and the results are pretty good, I guess.

Thanks to David Stevens (the photographer), another student of AKV St. Joost.




short shot, making of

Working hard. I’m halfway, I think.

Shadow hunter

I gave the shadowcat a bird for the scène where the cat tries to feed the girl. Isn’t he gallant?



Just us trolling on set!




CUT!! Start again please, from the beginning…


The old and the beautifull

It’s time to do it for real. That’s why I’ll make her as new!


And I need new brown for her one shoe. Funny how these many colors make the color I need.



A coin and a flashlight

I have nothing to add to the pictures than that both objects are on toothpicks.